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Land Navigation Training (Phase 1)

July 18 @ 8:00 am - 2:00 pm MDT

What: Land Navigation Training (Phase 1)

Where: 40.547779, -112.54468

When: Saturday, 18 July 2020, 0800 – 1430

Who: New members and anyone who wants a refresher on land navigation techniques utilizing map, compass and GPS.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

USAR Chapter 7, “Orientation & Navigation”; 3 types of Lat and Lon; UTM, MGRS; reading topographical maps; compass/orienteering basics; compass types; pace count; map orientation; triangulation; declination; land navigation vocabulary; determining a bearing in the field; azimuth and back azimuth; common map tools; use of grid scale readers; estimating distance; navigating around obstacles; taking given coordinates and plotting location on a map; using identified location on a map and provide accurate UTM coordinates, etc., etc.

What to expect:

First and foremost…. have fun.  We will meet at the training location at 0800 and begin with the classroom portion of the training.  Following the classroom portion we will transition into the field exercise where you will get to practice the skills introduced during the class instruction portion.  Once it is determined that everyone has a good grasp of the basic navigation concepts, we will transition into completing the land navigation course that has been set up.  Successful navigation of the course will require the use of map, compass and GPS.  After each participant has successfully completed the course, we will regroup at the “Incident Command Post”, take a break, hydrate, cool off, etc.

The final section of the training will include a simple medical scenario where you will be provided with the patients GPS coordinates.  You will be briefed on patients injury and condition.  You will work with the team to successfully locate the patient, conduct a full medical field assessment (remember SAMPLE and DOTS), provide first aid for the injuries, package patient for extraction and extract via stokes and mono-wheel, and transport back to the ICP.

What to bring:

Be prepared for the weather.  It will get hot.

  • Orienteering Compass (declination set for 11 degrees east).  I will have several classroom compasses for use if you do not have one.
  • GPS (SAR issued preferred).  I will have several classroom GPS units available for use if you do not have one.  Feel free to bring what you plan on using in the field.  We will use UTM coordinates while in the field.
  • Backpack filled with the gear you think you would need for conditions and terrain we will be operating in.  Be sure you have plenty of water, electrolytes, food, etc.
  • Sun screen, bandannas, sun hat, sun glasses, etc.
  • Trekking pole  (think snakes).
  • Sturdy hiking shoes.
  • Camp chair
  • Umbrella or tarp for instant shade
  • follow the standard packing list (adjusted for weather and conditions) and you should be fine

Course materials to include various maps and tools (grid scale readers) that will be used in the field exercises will be provided on site.

This training  will be the first in a series of land navigation trainings that will be offered.  Each training will build off of  previous trainings and will include various subject location and medical scenarios.  We will also include night training.

Looking forward to see you at the training.







July 18
8:00 am - 2:00 pm